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 "Truly exceptional experience. I am fortunate to have had 50 years experience of riding, and of my own horses. I could immediately coud see the way the horses were handled and the set up at the stables,with willing and keen young local stable hands, and members of the club all helping, was exceptional,even down to the stable dogs who are rescued, and much loved and fun dogs they are! Apart from a small number of locally owned ponies, they are individually cared for ex race horses-which can be formidable challnge. The ones I rode, and rode out with, all seemed really keen and content. This is a club, run for local people and with some selected paying tourists who can ride well enough, or they will be lead.

I had 3 rides of 2 hours each, mainly on the very close local beach, and I was able to engage with the horse, understand his history and querks, through talking with the club members and Arumina who accompanied me. I have swum horses before- but found the experience here interesting and quite challenging- as the horse needs to be cofident in the rider and being able to find their footing quickly as it is a very strenous experience for a horse. All of this was carefully explained and managed. I, and I think the horse, had a great time! I also enjoyed riding another horse who is due to return to racing, having been happliy rehabilitated- but assured a home to return to.

Arumina made me feel vey welcome, and provided drinks and time to talk. I am sure inexperienced and experienced people are safe here and will enjoy a the experience of lifetime. Louise Aug 2013
A"mazing horses well behaved and well looked after . The stables catered for all levels of riding.Each rider in our group was asked to trot around the outside arena where Arunima and a work colleague guided us on the technicalities of horse riding and decided who needed a leader or not . I am a novice rider and Arunima made sure that I was comfortable with my horse .She gave me a leader who guided me but let go of the reins when I felt confident enough. My daughter who is an experienced rider galloped and cantered with Arunima across the beautiful beach she took us all to. All of us had an opportunity to take the horses into the shallows of the sea which was amazing. Arunima has a lovely stables and you can tell she is pationate and cares greatly for her horses . A truly relaxing evening with refreshments and face towels provided.Highly recommended " Mav Aug 2013
"Having lived my previous life working with world class competition horses, touristy trail rides more often than not let me down. Centre Equestre De Riambel was a wonderful surprise. First off, the setting in gorgeous. The barn itself is adorable, and is set across the road from one of Mauritius's picturesque quiet beaches. The horses were incredible. They clearly had been so well taken care of, and were all ex-race horses who had started new careers off the track. Aurnima took me galloping up and down the beach, in and out of the water, and showed us such great hospitality overall. I highly recommend this excursion to anyone who is looking for a fantastic ride. " Carla oct 2013
"Thank you for looking after us all so beautifully, we had a wonderful evening and the children both want to return for another ride and to play with Rum. Hopefully we will be back next year."
Rebecca-England dec 12
"Visited CER on 10 Oct and went on the one hour beach ride which was excellent. I am an experienced horse women of 20 yrs + and thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to ride ex race horses. Arumina was a great host and the grooms and other customers made us feel very welcome. CER can accommodate different levels of rider " Linda-England
"Just would like to Thank Jay and his wife for allowing me to experience their beautiful thourobred horses and in paradise. What better place to ride but on a quiet white sandy beach and in the clear beautiful ocean. If you are a horse lover and are seeking a unique experience beyond what the hotels offer, then you wont be disapointed with Centre Equesre De Riamble. The horses just loved the water! If I didnt have a wedding that day, I would have loved to have stayed their longer. It was a dream come true truely!!" Chaer-Canada
"The CER is one of the best horse riding club in Mauritius. It is far from the city rush, situated in a very peaceful and calm environment; which is very relaxing. It has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Horse riding is done on a peaceful beach, with a light breeze :) The grooms are well trained to provide you with the best service and safety; which is very important. It is an experience that should definitely be tasted at the CER. Enjoy the ride :):" Kentish- USA
Mon amie et moi avons passe une heure de ballade fantastique. Arunima est tres sympatique et on sent sa passion et son amour pour ses chevaux. La plage est derserte et seuls les cavaliers et leurs montures parcourent le sable blanc et pataugent dans l'eau turquoise en compagnie des poissons volants. La ballade est bien adaptee au niveau des participants, possibilite de galoper sur la plage pour les plus experimentes. Si vous voulez vous occuper du cheval vous meme (seller ou nettoyer), n'hesitez pas a demander" Agathe Mai 2013
"En préparant mon voyage pour l'ile Maurice et à la recherche d'un centre équestre, c'est sur ce site même que mon choix a été porté pour le centre équestre de RIAMBEL. J'étais attirée par la balade sur la plage et baignade....les différents avis que j'ai pu lire m'avaient convaincue. J'ai été chalheureusement accueillie par Arunima et son mari. Le centre équestre est petit, agréable et tout aussi acceuillant que ses propriétaires. Les chevaux sont beaux et aimés. Superbe expérience que cette balade de 2 heures et baignade sur une plage peu fréquentée, j'en garde un souvenir extraordinaire. J'y retournerai c'est sûr-"Patircia fev 2013
"Avec mon mari nous sommes allés a Maurice en lune de miel en Fevrier. Etant passionée de chevaux j'ai cherché un centre équestre sur trip advisor. Malgré le long trajet depuis notre hotel (la pirogue) et la pluie torrentielle, je n'ai absolument pas regretté d'avoir choisi le centre equestre de Riambel!! Nous avons passé un moment magique sur le plage, les chevaux étaient magnifiques et adaptés a tous les niveaux de cavaliers (mon mari a peur normalement!) et notre accompagnatrice vraiment gentille. On sent qu'ils aiment leurs chevaux et c'est le plus important. "
Merci Arunima et toute l'équipe!!!!!!" Marie  mars 2013

Quand nous aurons la chance de revenir a Maurice, nous viendrons chez vous à coup sur
"un cadre magique une super équipe!!! Galoper sur la plage ou nager avec les chevaux.... que du bonheur!!!!!" A FAIRE Aline France
"Ho contattato il Centro Equestre di Riambel che ci ha organizzato il trasferimento e una splendida passeggiata a cavallo sulle lunghe e bianche spiagge del sud dell'isola.
Calda ospitalità, cavalli bellissimi e sereni, organizzazione perfetta adatta a tutte le esigenze (esperti e principianti) e luoghi incantevoli.

Da provare: entrare in mare e fare il bagno con il cavallo..... "Raffaella Italy
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